Course Outline

Introduction to Data Warehousing

Overview of Amazon Redshift Features and Architecture

Installing and Configuring Amazon Redshift

Benefits of Using Amazon Redshift

Creating, Resizing, and Launching an Amazon Redshift Cluster

Data Loading in Amazon Redshift

  • Introduction to Data Loading
  • Designing and Creating Tables
  • Loading Sample Data Set into RedShift
  • Data Distribution in Redshift
  • Data Loading Best Practices

Querying Data within Redshift

  • Designing Queries
  • Tuning Query Performance

Data Integration, Analysis, and Visualization with Redshift

  • Connecting and Using Data Integration (ETL) Tools with Redshift
  • Connecting and Using Business Intelligence (BI) Tools with Redshift


Summary and Conclusion


  • Basic experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Familiarity with database concepts
 21 Hours

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